The LCD-PD project focuses on supporting teacher practice that enhances student thinking and learning through talk. The classroom strategies emphasized in the LCD-PD project are based on more than 30 years of classroom-based research into student learning through ambitious types of instruction. We have brought together collections of resources and ideas from some of the nation’s leading teacher research groups, including Ambitious Science Teaching from the University of Washington, The Inquiry Project from The Education Research Consortium, the Argumentation Toolkit from The Lawrence Hall of Science, and Argument-Driven Inquiry developed at Florida State University. By participating in this project, delivered by nationally recognized science education researchers and PD experts, you will come away with a collection of resources, materials, and activities that you can immediately use in your classroom, grounded in the learning and growth you will experience with us.

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Opportunities to collaborate with other teachers teaching within the same subject area


To assist you in fostering productive science talk in your classrooms


Productive feedback on your teaching from researchers and other teachers in your subject area


Curriculum materials, financial compensation, inservice points